Furyan’s team of sports management consultants are committed to providing the complete and comprehensive representation that our clients deserve. We offer unparalleled, personalised service to all of our clients.

Furyan Sports Management provides its clients with the following services:

Personal Athlete managers

Marketing & Endorsements

Personal Technology Consultancy

Contract Negotiation

Financial Coordination

Community Relations

Legal Services

Post-Career Planning

Marketing & Endorsement

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As a member of the Furyan family, athletes will enjoy the benefits of an in-depth, personalised career & marketing plan. Our team will assess the athlete’s positioning and implement a strategic career & marketing plan to build name and brand recognition whilst maximising off the field revenue by opening new channels of enterprise.

Furyan Sports Management has a history of securing, negotiating, and drafting marketing & endorsement agreements with a wide range of companies both national and international.

Contract Negotiation

Furyan Sports has solidified itself in the sports marketplace as one of the premier contract negotiating firms. Our management team uses extensive preparation, research, and planning to optimise results for our clients. We strive to establish new standards in the industry.

We believe negotiation is not based solely on numbers set by previous sporting organisations, corporate brands or athletes.

There is an intrinsic value to each individual client that must be determined.

Our experience and knowledge of the industry, allows us to calculate and capitalise on that value. Our meticulous attention to detail sets us apart as there is no substitute for preparation, research, and planning.

Peace of mind, we have you covered!

Financial Coordination

As part of the Furyan Sports team, we will work with well known financial institutions and financial planning companies on your behalf, all of whom are qualified and certified by the accredited associations.

The individuals, companies, and/or institutions that we work with will evaluate your financial needs and objectives. Once those needs and objectives are determined, you will receive advice as to a precise financial strategy. An emphasis is placed on balanced planning, long-term financial security, asset protection, and significant asset growth.

Taxation advice, Accounting, Lending, Financial Planning, Professional, expert guidance!


Furyan Athlete Management Services
Legal Services

Through Furyan Sports, you will also have access to a Qualified Team of experts in:

  • Contract Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Property Law

They cover multiple areas of law and are licensed to practice law in the UK and Internationally. If any athlete has a legal matter that requires expert legal advice that our team cannot provide, we will see that the athlete has the best expert for their circumstances.

Expert Legal Team

In today’s sports world, earning potential is often limited to a relatively short period of time. As a result, Furyan Sports encourages and facilitates the strategic planning of post-career activities and planning.

From the start, we encourage our clients to develop their skills through education or on the job experience. Through the initial contract negotiations, we always implement education packages to ensure that our clients have solid foundations to fall back on once their sporting career ends.

Additionally, we work with our clients to assist in building a network of relationships and business contacts that will ease the transition from the sporting field to the business arena when their career ends.

Here at Furyan Sport, we believe the relationships made with our athletes are for life. We will continue to work with the athletes and members of the sporting community through designing an exit strategy for life after sport.