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Jesse Coulson Furyan Sports Team

Jesse Coulson

BA (Hons), MSc.

Director and Head of Athlete Development

Registered Football Association Intermediary & Registered Rugby Football Union Agent

Jesse’s life has revolved around professional sport and education, a former elite gymnast and international rugby player; representing the USA in the Rugby World Cup in 1999, whilst also playing professionally in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

Jesse is a RFU Level Four Rugby Union Coach, and has worked in the professional arena in Association Football and Rugby Union. Athlete development is his passion and he has a vast amount of experience in a wide range of sports in this field, with male and female athletes. In recent years Jesse has been Director of Sport and Head of Rugby and Sports Science at a leading independent school, as well as managing very large elite sporting programmes. He has identified and managed a number of very high profile international athletes in a range of sports through the years, and continues to support their careers long after they retire.

He developed Furyan Sports Management to do things differently in the work space, and his combination of work ethic, integrity and passion for his athletes is second to none. The unique experience of international sportsman, coach and mentor enables Jesse to connect with his athletes on a very personal level, in order to develop the individual as well as the athlete and their families.