Our Mantra.

We offer the entire management service for athletes.

Whether you need a marketing strategist, a contract negotiator, a post career planner or any other help and advice in any other area of athlete life- you’ve got a friend in Furyan.

‘‘Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people’’

The words that Furyan lives and operates by. These words mould our approach to sports management. We work with those that dream big, encouraging and facilitating their hard work whilst helping them keep focus on their personal goals. 

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And as for surrounding yourself with good people, we like to think that the Furyan family are the good people that create a very positive and unique environment. Our athlete centric business model focuses on what we believe to be the most important part of any sport- the athletes themselves.

At Furyan Sports Management, we know that when athletes feel both happy and they have someone that they can trust, that has their backs behind the scenes, they can perform to their greatest potential. Whether you compete on the field, in the ring or anywhere else, our team of sports managers make life inside and outside of sport as comfortable for you as possible so you can focus on what matters- your sport.

Furyan Team

Jesse Coulson

Founder, Director and Head of Athlete Development

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At Furyan, we are always looking for more athletes to join our team. We have a select group of athletes that we currently represent and can help you in any aspect of athlete life.

Jesse Coulson (Director and Head of Athlete Development) has a long history of the sports industry in a first hand capacity as a former athlete and in several managerial roles.

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